Special Event

WOMAN’S CIVIC CLUB OF JASPER HOST THE JASPER COUNTY HISTORICAL MUSEUM AND THE LONG BLACK LINE.ORG SATURDAY,  FEBRUARY 16, 10AM TO 12PM Location: 156 W Milam St, Jasper, Texas GUEST SPEAKER STEPHANIE DEUTSCH, THE AUTHOR OF “YOU NEED A SCHOOLHOUSE”   Stephanie Deutsch the Author of “You Need a Schoolhouse” writes about the Rosenwald School movement that resulted in the construction of over 5,000 school houses across the southern United States in the 1920s and 1930s.  Stephanie is traveling to […]

The Pleasant Hill School

The Pleasant Hill Rosenwald School recieved a Lowes Grant. Flo Stephenson is my contact at the school in Linden Texas. Flo second from the righ standing up. The group includes a 90+ year old former student who started elmentary school when the school opened in 1922. Also here is on of the last teacer at the school See above the certificate recognizing the school on the National Trust for Historic Places. We also conducted a few film interviews of the […]

Rosenwald West Columbia School

This is Naomi Smith and Tina Maeenza at the Rosenwald West Columbia School that they found in a famers field and had transported to the city park where it serves as a portal into history and living classroom of legacy. To learn more go to You Tube “Columbia Rosenwald” and www.columbiarosenwaldschool.com. West Columbia is about 45 minutes south of Houston in case you want to drive and see Tina and Naomi.