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Your support of The Long Black Line.Org will move forward the following activities:

  1. To fund and maintain online and other multimedia outlets to help capture the history and stories of the school movement as part of American History curricula in primary, secondary and upper schools across the United States.
  2. To organize and promote cultural activities through universities, art museums and cultural centers across the United States.
  3. In a partnership with the National Trust for Historic Preservation to identify and fund preservation of an estimated 500 school buildings across the United States in dire need of restoration.
  4. To fund restoration and preservation efforts for “Freedom Colonies” across the United States.
    The enclosed preview film The Long Black Line is an acknowledgement of your support of our efforts to preserve this history and to preserve the 500 remaining school buildings across the thirteen southern states. Your contribution automatically makes you a member of the Long Black Line Society and entitles you to our annual newsletter which keeps you up to date on our preservation and historical activities nationwide. Here are levels of participation you may consider. With each category we offer a range of items and activities designed to bring you closer to this important story. As a member of the society we will ask for your continued help in connecting people across this nation with the millions of stories we know exist and that need to be captured before that generation that lived this history are gone.