From 1920 to 1935 African American families, many with little or no education, built over 5,000 schools throughout the southern United States. Millions of  children went from its classrooms  into the world to become teachers, doctors, lawyers, scientist, business people and military leaders.

It was a crusade that rivaled any crusade in human history.

Despite the humble origins of this movement would the American dream of equal justice for all that drove the Civil Rights movement have been realized? This was a crusade led by ordinary people in their rural and small town communities who accomplished the extraordinary. By the 21st century it was little remembered the enormous faith these families had in themselves and their children in the face of racism, poverty, ignorance and government indifference to their plight decades after the end of slavery.

The LBL.org also preserves the memory of the founders of the movement Julius Rosenwald and Booker T Washington who in partnership with these mothers and fathers and their schools teachers created a movement that demonstrated the power of community and what ordinary people are capable of.

The LBL.org is dedicated to the idea that the principles that created this generation of children who stepped out of poverty and into a future of success are the principles for success that parents today hunger to find for their children who face unique obstacles in a modern world. Nevertheless this formula for success is timeless regardless of a child’s circumstances economically or socially.