“National Security Seminar” at the US Army War College


National Security Seminar

“National Security Seminar” at the US Army War College
June 7-12 2010

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I recently attended the “National Security Seminar” at the US Army War College in Carlisle Pa. The photo above shows fellow invitees in our seminar group 18 and our military sponsors. The Army War College is the Army’s senior service school. It is the final school before promotion to general. You will note in the photos that the AWC is a joint service school attended by the Navy, Marine Corp and Air Force officers. Also attending were senior international officers from the Czech Republic, Nepal and Yemen. Also selected are senior Defense Department civilians who also attend the year long course.

We heard briefings from a variety of leaders from the defense department, corporations and public officials on topics as varied as civil liberties, the war on terror, the state of the Army and the global economy. We also recieved a briefing from Afganistan from the generals in charge of the war through videoconference to Kabul.

I was part of a group of 100 civilian leaders from across the country annually selected from business, government. faith based organizations and foundations like The Long Black Line.Org. Our role was to provide these military leaders exposure to issues and concerns that are often not part of a senior military officers daily thinking. Your support of The Long Black Line has allowed us to spread our story and its connection to the Army mission.

AWC graduates received masters degrees in strategic studies the day after we left. These future generals are headed to Afganistan, Iraq, Korea and to units across the USA and around the world where they will assume command of brigades with 3k to 4k soldiers. It was pointed out to us that among our sponsors would come a Chairman of the Joints Chiefs of Staff, Chief or Vice Chief of Staff of the Army or the head of a major geographic command, It was an honor to spend the week with these “war fighters”.

Your support of the mission and purpose of The Long Black Line accounts for my selection to this event.