The Long Black Line Tour


Schoolhouse Construction Map

The Long Black Line tour goes to five historic sites in Jasper County Texas. Each was a Freedom Colony, as defined by Thad Sitton’s book Freedom Colonies which described over 500 communities in Texas and over 5,000 across the United States that African Americans created after Emancipation in 1865.

Freedom Colonies were places freed slaves built churches, cemeteries, schools and industries. This is also where they bought land even though many had little or no money. Many of these Freedom Colonies have been depopulated as the descendents left these communities to create new lives in an urban and suburban America.

These communities were not designed to support a 20th and 21st century world. Yet when we look back at when these were vibrant communities we recognize a spirit of freedom, self determination, selflessness and sacrifice which cannot be forgotten and which we are trying to replicate in our fast moving lives.

These Freedom Colonies were the model of community as we define it today. Come see the remnant of these five east Texas communities and feel the spirit of freedom.

The artifacts and remnants of these communities are in the form of Rosenwald Schools, historic churches, cemeteries and homes. Come spend a day exploring these communities. Understand how these people lived and what happened to them. Learn how these communities are a starting point in history for millions of Americans today.

Come experience a unique American story that speaks to the American dream we all share. Herman Wright Jr., a Jasper County native, will be your guide as we caravan to these five historic sites.

If you are a contributor at the “Visionary or Fellows” level or if you are an “Institutional” contributor to The Long Black Line.Org please call the phone number above or email Herman Wright at for instructions regarding your accommodations and travel.

Enjoy your trip into a proud history. We hope this will be a revelation to you, your friends and your family.